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Jag Computers, LLC. is a custom computer, website building company. We specialize in building exactly the computer you, need and can afford. At Jag Computers,LLC., you don't have to settle for what is sitting on our shelf.


Jag Computers, LLC. will also help design, build and host your own website. Think that websites are too expensive to design or maintain? Not at Jag Computers, LLC. ! For only $500, Jag Computers, LLC. will help you design your new website which is designed to be easily maintained by you, rather than paying us. Website hosting will cost an additional $500 per year.



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Latest news

02-01-07 19:58

Network Installation

Install, repair, improve networks including Windows 2003, Novell Netware, Linux [more...]

23-12-06 19:08

Website design and Hosting

Jag Computers, LLC., can help you or your company design and maintain your custom website. You will also receive training in maintaining your website. [more...]

23-12-06 19:04

Custom Built Computers

Build your own custom designed computer. [more...]

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